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Hee... sorry laaaaaaaaa.... u guys keep on perli me...
really BUSY laaa.... >.< Really curious about those American, why they love reading assignments so much huh?!?! not to mention about POP quiz also, which scares me a lot!! Sorry for being disappear for such a long time. Start updating right NOW~~~~

First of all ::::::::::::::::::

My life

Still remember my 'greeny' University before?? GONE~~~~~ because it's SnowIng again... ^^ I do love snow but I hate it when I have to RUSH on the snow..... it's tiring!!!! Kinda boring staying in Kalamazoo (K for Kampung).. only one shopping mall which located at... FAR FAR away...... no more PYRAMID!!!! T.T another place that we will mostly go once every week for groceries is Meiyer, something like Carrefour.. I love to go Meiyer because I can be CASHIER~~ Meiyer has very high tech counter where you can scan stuff and pay yourself.. ^^ GENG LER!!!!

not to bla so much, picture time:::


*Ignore my panda eyes >.<*
*Ou ou... it's going to rain*

*My lunch.. T.T*

*American's sugus*

*Snow!! that's Wood Hall where I attend my biology class*

*Heading to Rood Hall for statistic class*


We will go to Meiyer every Fridays for groceries shopping. Usually we have 7 peoples but the other three fellows decided to follow MC them on the next day. SO~~~ Me, Guang, CK and Jones went by ourselves.. sounds familiar?? YEA YEA!! the family of A-1-6!!!!!
The four of us agreed to watch "Cloverfield" that day at KALAMAZOO 10...
If you want to vomit, I suggest this movie! DAMN nice for vomit laaa!!
hmm.. I don't think the word 'movie' suit "Cloverfield", I should say VIDEO because they use video camera to record this film.......... =.= funny rite??? somemore... NO CONCLUSION..... grrrrrrrr.....
However, the main actor and actress in this VIDEO very LENG and ENTAO... hohohohoho....
After 'vomiting' all over in the toilet, we went to FRIDAY'S!!! HOORAY~~~
It's a nice experience but I don't think I will go there again... hee... too $$$ la....
OH yaaa.... we saw a frozen lake on the way to Fridays.. ^^

Pictures time:::

*Frozen LAKE*

*COOL huh?!*


*See that RED white RED white?*

*Thanks God It's FRIDAY'S!*

*If you don wanna smile, I'll squeeze you ~evil~ kekeke*


*Gimme one broccoli laa...*


*Jones & Hubby's dessert*

*Pong Euuuuuu*

*I'm gonna EAT it*

*My supper!! prepared by Chef Jones & Chef Hubby*

~to be continue~


Grace said...


here's the nice page to teach you how to get off ur panda eyes~~hehe~~^^ dont worry..antivirus de~~

Yvonne said...

REALLY?!?!? haha... i'll check about it FOR SURE!!!

MS said...

drop by to say HI~
We are nuffnangers whee~
Give me 5!!