First Day In Kalamazoo

First Day In Kalamazoo

It's 10.30am in the morning and i have no idea why I'm online-ing now >.<
*my laptop detected some wireless connection.. woohooo..*
*Hopefully this very kind of people will let the connection remain until I get mine.. ehhe..*

Lastnite was freezing cold!! All of us went to sleep at about 4am in the morning.. haha..

Oh ya.. this is just a simple post that I'll just post up some pictures... ^^

MORE detail posts will be posted soon.. ^^

ps: mummy+daddy, I'm okay here.. don worry!! muaks~ love ya!


*We looks like some charity association.. haha*

*Our first meal in Kalamazoo*

*Sandwiches for dinner?!?! =.=*

*The GIrls in da Toilet*

*Snow view outside my room^^*

hungry Gals?

Joe, Kar Leng and Me

Where is Xuan?????

This is the second time my lovely Xuan absent d..... T.T
where are you arrr???
I suppose go to your house and pick you d ler!!!

Anyway, the girls had great time that night at SwensenS..

We ate ALOT!!!!!
We talked ALOT!!!!!
We took ALOT of pictures!!!!!
and also...... hohoho....... entau waiter.......

kar leng n joe... u know laaa..
i think that entau waiter is kar leng's fren..
coz... ho.......
"wei... take picture!!"


Oh ya.. what we ate huh?!?!
1. Chicken Spaghetti
2. Oglio wat wat Spaghetti
3. Baked rice
4. Chicken wings
5. Mushroomzz
6. Topless 5

woohooo... we're getting better and better....



*Topless 5*



*It's not easy to take our group pic, so.... we took our shadow ^^*

*I'll miss YOU GALS!!!!*




I get to know this girl when I was Form 3 and we were like twins!!

Why I say so?

We are
both the only child in our family,
both October baby,
both play piano,
both love to sing,
both enjoy Charmed,
both bla bla bla bla..........

hehe.. we enjoy singing Twin's song because we are twins~~~~ hohoho...
very funny.. =.="

It's been a long time since Form 5.........

That day, we went to Auto City's Takehana to have lunch and we chat A LOT!! ^^

Then, she was invited to my house.. hahaha...
we talk, we take pics..... by handphone, camera.......................... WEBCAM~~

and I discovered something cute+special.. ^^
we did enjoy a lot taking pictures with my mother's webcam.. wahahha...

Will miss ya my lovely twin sis.. >.<
Gambate ne in your Studies and be CAREFUL!!!



*I like this*

*Smile as sunshine*

*Nan loves this pic!*

*Sweet as Lollipop*

Family Day


Actually, my job for that day morning is to.........
bath my little doggie Summer, but I was not able to do so because....

hehe... came back late on the previous nite and

causes ---> not enough sleep ----> can't wake up on time ------> no pom pom for Summer~~

sorry ya Summer.. hehee.. >.< style="color: rgb(255, 204, 204);">~~FAMILY DAY~~

We went to 'Milk God' temple to pray..
then we went to Queensbay to shop for some little thingy that I wanted to bring to US..

Mummy was sick, so we din really SHOP but we went to DOME for *TEA TIME*.. hehe..

I had my favorite wild mushroom soup, mummy had her pancake and daddy's breakfast set..

HUH?!?! breakfast set??

Then at night, we went for dinner with my grandparents.. ^^
They're still as healthy as always.. HEHE.. >.< MUAKS!!


*On the way to Penang*


*Mummy's pancake*

*Hungry Daddy ^^*

*Ah Gong* *Ah Po*

Long time NO see


Yes, I am INDEED very happy today


hehe.. Went to Sunway Carnival with Jasmine gal and SiewLi....

For the first time, we met and talk talk talk after high school graduation..
we never plan to come out before and that's why I'M so HIGH today... >.<

So, we went to Nando to have our lunch and then we watch a movie..


Well, many friends told me this movie SUPER darn NICE..
It is very nice but maybe I expected a little bit TOO much.. lolz..
Some more, thanks to Jasmine's sis.................
we scare from the beginning till the end..... =.=
scare for??? I also dunno.........

Anyway, I have to point out ONE very moment that 'blink' me the most...


When little Samantha got infected and.............................. T.T
I DONWAN THAT LAAA!!!!! It's so.......................................

Hehe.. honestly the girls have nothing to do after the movie and.... what else??!?!?!
picture picture and picture and pictureSSSsssss.......

Thanks ya my dear friends~~~
it's really happy that can meet u girls b4 I leave..
It's been a long long long long time........>.<

Precious KISS for u girls
!!!muaks muaks!!!



*The girls*

*I want ALL - it's PINK*

*My new laptop - geng ler*

*Jasmine's idea*


*Jasmine's style - big head big head^^*

*miss you girls*

*nothing to pose - ended up these =.= haha*

*Bye Bye - Love you girls*

Home Sweet Home


okay now, here's the update~~~

Finally, I'm here in BM sitting on my sweet home's chair and writing my blog..

Well, haven't did really much for these few days..
Anyway, I ate my favorite 'hok kien mee' and also 'xi gue teng' with Guang before we went to do our TB test..

About the TB test, this is the first time I went to the BM dunno what hospital to do my check up.. haha...
something really funny is that when the woman registering for Guang, she asked her:::




she looks like married meh??????
very funny la that people....... >.<


*Hok Kien Mee*

*Xi Gue Teng*

*errr.... TB test.. ntg special actually, just wanna post it here.. cannot arr?*

A-1-6 Family


Finally, here comes the Chiong K time for 4 of us, the A-1-6 Family....

It's really amazing that 4 of us can meet in sunway..
still remember the first time we go Chiong K?? haha.. that's really a memorable 'first time'..

Here now, I dare not to say is the last time but........... it seems so...
although I really hope we will have another chance to SING in US?? or Malaysia??

One thing that at least make me relieve is that........

luckily all of us are going to the same Uni.. phew~~~~~


trust me! I'll cry the day we leave A-1-6~~

anyway, I'll still c you guys on 28th........ SINGAPORE!




*Sing Sing Sing*




~Bye bye~

I had finally finished my final today..

Well, I'll have to say, I'm not confident to get what I aim for..

Maybe I'm only deserve a credit or nothing at all.. *please la.. gimme a credit laa..*

I'm so tired because of those insane subjects I TOOK this semester..
and my brain is like going to explode if I keep inserting ~words + formula~ into my head..

ARGH~~ I'm so FREE now... wahhahahha...

but on the same time... I'm going to leave soon.......

my feeling is......

Bio + Chem

Biology + Chemistry



obviously, i'm gonna crazy soon..........................

SAVE ME!!!!!!!!

Final Exam

Final Exam

Finally, my last final exam in Malaysia had started.
I had my Modern Western History's final this morning and I was definitely not in a good condition.
Kind of headache actually and it's very suffering since I have to flash back everything in my mind in order to answer those questions... grrrr.....

Hope I can successfully passed my exam!!

Anyway, we just had our dinner just now which was roti canai.. hmmmm.... honestly, not very nice laaaaaa....... *beat that ck, lolz..*


oh ya~ i wanna say something :
JONES!!! YOU VERY GENG!!!! *salute*

Group Date

Group Date

We had a group date today at Sunway Pyramid..
Well, I consider it as a 'group' since we have about 12 peoples.. ^^

After those engineering students had their final calculus exam this morning, we all went to Pyramid to have our lunch at Subway..

Well, it's not VERY nice but I still enjoy my meal with those buddies... ahhahaaa..
I shall say this is the first time all of us hanging out together..

Then, we also eat 'guai leng gou' err... the 'turtle soul jelly'??? Not sure what it is called.. haha..
but very nice! I love it! The most interesting part is when Bill them trying the jellies.. they are SO cute.. hahaha... hope they enjoy it~~~

The boys then have their own plan... you know laaa... 'dong bo' and 'CC' laa... what else???!?!

So, the girls continue our SHOPPING~~ ^^

Of course we had our GREAT time too.. >.<


*The Boys*

*The Girls*




Nothing special in this post actually..
But i DO want to post out some previous pictures.. hehee...

Jones 'yeng' pic in history class, pictures took on VISA interview day and also some bak-kut-teh pics..


*Aiyo.. don worry! you'll get your VISA very soon!*

*errr... daddy?*

*the boys*

*crime scene*


1901 Hui

1901 Hui

Feel like blogging about you so much..
Received your message few days before and YES, that message is really SWEET!
Thank you my darling~

It's almost 2 years since we know each other..
We share lots of interesting and memorable memories..
Our stories, Our jokes and also Our 1901 HOTdog
There are too many of them to write out..

Honestly, I felt so down when you told me that you're going to quit ADTP..
My dream crushed...... My wish for hanging out in US together in the future had vanished...

However, don worry my darling..
I'll never forget you.. NEVER!!
Our friendship will never end..
We're meant to be friend starts from the day we met in Sunway!

*Miss you Always*



Tired....... =.= but HAPPY and SATISFIED ^^


Well, I just came back from Qian's house and we had a cousinzz DATE today in Pyramid..

~Qian, Shen, Me and Guang~

We went to Redbox to give the littlez some opportunity to HAVE FUN singing K since they seldom do so... hehe..

However, they don't really enjoy I think since they are quite SHY... >.<

Oh ya!! We went for Ice-Skating!! For your information, this is the first time I skate in Pyramid and hell there were LOTSSSS of peoples there.. I'm wondering how actually peoples skate in a 'sardine' condition...

*Thanks to my first coach, Jen.... I din fell today.. wahahhah...*

We had GREAT time today with all the 'wu liao' conversation.. haha..

Oh ya!! I saw my little new born nephew just now!! Oooooo.... He is so CUTE!!!
He is just 3 days old and he is so so small..........
too bad I can't hold him yet.......... T.T


*Fantastic 4*

*Yay for ourselves*

*Shen's idea ^^*

*New born baby boy*

Ps: I'm so tired now... wanna sleep d lor... nitez and sweet dreams! Muaks~