Happy Birthday HONEY!!

Seriously, I find it stupid wishing you happy birthday here because I don't think you will ever come and read my blog... =="

Anyway, still wanna say Happy Birthday to my lovely honey lyn! =)

So, I was trying to find some picture of ours through facebook because most of our pictures are in my ASUS babe now and honestly, I really don't want to post them here la kay?! I'm so NOT going to post any picture of mine which was taken during High School lo! I'm very sure you don't want to also larrrr~~~~ >.<

* I don't even know that is you.........

WHICH MEANS!! we really need to take some picture la dear! We met like almost everyday during my 2008 summer but we never took a picture!! How funny is that?!?!

But Lyn, I want to say it here la..

Thanks for being by my side since Form 4 =)
Thanks for skype-ing with me from 3am to 5am Malaysia time?!?!
Thanks for listening to all my bla bla thingy everytime
Thanks for accompany my mum and dad for me when I'm not at their side
Thanks for being another daughter of them


Thanks for being my friend!!

Miss you and Love you so so much

-with loves-


Wish me good luck tomorrow and......

everything goes smoothly especially little daphnia..

OMG~ I'm nervous!!

-with loves-



My final undergraduate semester in Western Michigan University had started since yesterday. Woah.... it seems just yesterday since I came to US but in fact I've been here for over one and a half year! Oh My!!

I have lots of things to do this semester and although I'm taking only one lecture and one lab, but it will still be a busy semester. So, wish me good luck then! =)

*Marley came visit us yesterday! so cute so cute! he seems gained a bit weight though and that is a great news!

-with loves-

Strawberry Banana

I love Smoothie!!!

Went to LungShing's place to have dinner yesterday and we had our homemade strawberry banana yogurt smoothie!!

Love it so much, it tastes superb!! SPLENDID~~ haha..

Not to forget, we watched two OLD movies.

西游记 - both 1 and 2 by 周星弛!!!

Damn funny lor his movie, we can't stop laughing all the night! oh man~

especially the:


xD we never feel bored watching his movies. NEVER!!!

by the way, CheeChuan is coming back this evening. Guess the happiest man, CK won't complain anymore. =)

Final Destination or Happy Tree Friends?

The plan wasn't change. We still get to watch Final Destination 3D last night. Well, to be honest, I was kind of scare before watching it. Firstly, I still remember how I felt disgust when we girls watched the previous Final Destination in Sunway Pyramid and secondly, it's quite expensive to watch 3D.

Anyway, we still decided to watch it last night. Maybe because it will be more scary if I decided not to watch.. LOL! Just kidding la Jeong... ^^

However, before we went for Rave, LungShing came over and helped me to re-format my ASUS babe (THANKS YA!!). Then, he suddenly asked us to watch some clips of Happy Tree Friends. Sounds so cute right? BUT! NOT AT ALL!! I was horrified by the super disgusting bloody cruel yet with cute voice of those little baby cartoons. =.= seriously laaaa.... VERY CRUEL ler..... is it a warm up before Final Destination?

What surprised me the most, CK seems to enjoy that cartoon a lot.. =.="

However, he refused to watch Final Destination with us, so what happened next was me, Jeong and LungShing went for Final Destination whereas CK went for Julie & Julia.

Hmm... In my opinion, I don't really like this Final Destination, not as nice as the previous one which was very disappointed to waste that ticket money. BUT!!! kekekke.... we sneaked into Julie & Julia to meet up with CK and we watched that movie till the end. YAY~

After the movieS, we went to Ling's new place and chat for awhile till 2am. =) Gonna miss you girl but never mind la! We will meet up a lot even you're not staying with us. And not to forget, gossips!! *ngek ngek ngek* and those DAMN cold jokes.. hehehe...


-with loves-


I was walking in the campus this morning and attracted by the "DONG DONG DONG" sounds. Percussion of WMU marching band was practicing out there under the Sun yet with cold Wind. Uuhh... Hate the wind so much, so chilly that I kept my hands in my pockets while walking along the streets to Wood Hall.

It's been a while since the last time I get to enjoy the super "DONG DONG DONG" sounds from Percussion.
It reminds me all the excitement I had during my secondary school.

The first time I "masuk baris" - wah... sounds super 俗!
The first time I get to know someone in the group.
The first time I officially joined in the MARCHING band.
The first time I participated in the training camp.
The first time I took bath in the dirty toilet of JS.
The first time I slept with friends on the floor of classroom.
The first time I ate maggie mee cup with friends during late night in the so-called dressing room we made ourselves.
The first time we got No.1 in State competition.
The first time we went to National competition and sang before the actual competition.

Yes! loads and loads of memories keep popping out from my mind.
How we marched under the sun and rain.
How we sang those songs in the bus.
How we sweat and how we cry.

Sincerely, I thanks JSPO for sending me all these great friends into my life.

-with loves-


if the weather is good

if you're healthy

if you're being loved by someone

if you have someone to love

if you're willing to bring happiness to others



I was browsing on facebook just now and I saw this link posted by a friend of mine, Kelly.

Watch it!

I was laughing initially, but then crying like hell later.
Hmm.. should be laughing and crying at the same time.
Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.



Come ON!!!!


They are both your parents as well kay!!

I believe that every religions in the world or even you have no religion at all,
still teaches us that we should always be thankful and be respect ALL THE TIME!!

NO.. I can't even use the word "teach"

We don't have to be taught! It should be in our blood!

If you can't even do that? Don't ever lecture me or tell me how great your religion is..

Even a kindergarden kid is better than you!



One of my happiest day!


I received my ipod touch yesterday!

I received my macbook pro today!

I'm satisfied with my Summer II final grade!

ps: watched "District 9" with Jeong, CK and LungShing yesterday night.. LOVE IT!!!!

YES! I will wait for 3 years!!

Which one are you?

My mum used to tell me that people needs to be confident in order to be successful.

Always tell yourself that you CAN before doing something.

If you do,
Congratulation! You're right!
You have 99.9% of successful rate,
as long as you put more efforts,
you are just ON the right track!

If you don't,
Congratulation! You're right!
Because you are officially FAILED.
even though you might have 0.00001% of successful rate,
that's just your luck.


Ah Wen

Pong ME

Okay la Okay laaa...
I know got people gonna whack me hard d.. =p

I really super busy! I swear!!!

I have bunch of exams, paper due and report... grrr.....
anyway, final is around the corner and it will be more busy in few more weeks..

OH MY GOSH!! Final!! =.="
yea.. I do love Final because it means holiday is approaching too....... >.<
But can I have "after" final but not "before final? Can I? Can I?

FYI, I'm in my physiology class now, just finished my exam 5~~ yoohoo~~

Busy Busy Busy
not only exams BUT!!!

I'm going to BALL tomorrow! OOoo YEahHh~~~
My first Ball ever.. haha..
so I bought my dress few weeks before and I'm started to worry..

Please....................... whoever go to ball..............
wear the same dress as mine....


Besides the Ball Ball..
I'm going to fashion show tonight!!
Looking forward to it!!
BOBO~ model of the night?!?! ^^

that's it for now...

Random Random Random

I am NOT going to update on my Winter Trip...
My hand gonna cacat if I really do that...
sorry.... I am not a BLOGGER blogger... hehehe....
I post whatever I want to... kekekeke....
one word: LAZY maaa... >.< But I do want to post some random stuff.. ^^

YEA YEA~~~ hubby bought me new boots!! hehehehhe...

I was so happy that night when the guy from UPS knocked my 'B4' door.. ( you can tell when the 'package' man is here because their KNOCK is so damn loud)

the sad part is I was not able to open MY present because that kepo CK opened it!!! T.T
anyway, still wanna say THANK YOU HUBBY!! MUAKS MUAKS MUAKS!!

conversation between me and ck:

Hubby: What are doing there? COME laa..
Bun: Wait la.. I am taking pictures of my sweet boots laa..
Hubby: Yoh... take wat la.. come come come!!
Bun: Cannot wait awhile meh?? I want to keep the best look of bearbear maa.. (it's from bearpaw, so I called it bearbear!)
Hubby: No need take laa.. later I go ebay find a better picture for you k?
Bun: =.="


What for I want to keep a picture of boots that is not mine???? swt!!


I have no idea why this happened....

Jeong was screaming 'yerrrrrrrrrrr' that day from our toilet, so I rushed to the toilet and guess what I see...

Chocolate? Milo? Coffee? SHIT????????

probably dirts laa.. I also dono...

this is not shit.........