~Spring is officially here~
The sun's path against the backdrop of stars on on the celestial sphere crossed the Celestial Equator on 20th March 2008 at 5:58 am GMT.


you know what happened the next day??

~#~# WINTER STORM #~#~
=.= =.= =.= =.= =.=

Snow in Spring?!!?!?!?!

~!~ YihWen's believe if or not ~!~ BELIEVE IT

eh... tolong laa... gimme my spring ler..
I desperately wanna wear shorts, skirts, and my cute dresses ler!!!!
nonono No skirt for me now, coz there are all in MALAYSIA!!


mummy... REMEMBER to bring my SKIRTS kay????
they are seriously IMPORTANT to me... hohohoho


*I took these pictures when I was on the way going home from IFF ^^*

But I'm sure they are now covered by SNOW! T.T



heeee... i seems...............
long time din update d hor??
paise paise.....
Life been normal as always.. =.=
Final seems approaching... T.T
Mummy is coming.... ^^

that's my feeling for now..

Life is short, I appreciate everything I have in my life.. ^^
my friends, my family, and my hubby....

they are my soul my sunshine...
'sunshine' - one of my best friends reminded me of something... thank you^^

I accidentally cut my finger few days before when I'm cutting 'mangkuang', sounds so stupid rite?
I cook almost everyday for my two lovely housemates... ^^
and I really very happy to do that since I LOVE cooking.. hohohoho...
because of that, I truly understand how my mum feel everyday...

1. what to cook today huh?
2. how's my 'kungfu' huh? Do they taste good?
3. is it salty enough?
4. bla bla bla bla......

hehe... thanks ya mummy! For cooking those delicious meal for me everyday *of course not for now laa*.... (>.<)

Chicago Trip


So, here are some of the pictures update for my 3 days 2 nights Chicago Trip..

It was a adventurous trip where we have no senior with us, which means we went to Chicago all by ourselves.. Cool huh?

Sir Ling was the one who drive us there since she is the only one with international license+enough driving experience.. lolz...

Actually, we din plan to go there all by ourselves since we were suppose to go with BoBo.. Unfortunately, her cousin was sick on that day so they have to cancel their trip and ended.... we...... alone.. haha... Luckily they lent us their GPS aka Becky if I din spell it wrongly.. ^^

So, with Becky helps, we went to::
Michigan City for CLOTHES,
China Town for FOOD,
Woodfield for JAPANESE FOOD,

I bought some summer clothes at Michigan City, too bad we don't have enough time for me to SHOP more.. hahaha... nevermind.. not to worry...
ps: we will go shopping together soon.... rite? my dearest MUMMY.. hohohohoho...

Oh ya, apart of shopping, of course we ate loads of nice food..
DIM SUM!! yea..... you know how much I miss DIM SUM???? Hng~~

not to forget..... CHINESE TEA~~~~~~

we went to China Town twice, once when we were on the way to Chicago, another was when we were on the way back to Kalamazoo..

SO, we bought loads of FOOD, Traditional Herbal Tea, Green beans, Barley..... etc..... ^^

For Chicago, we ate a lot.... kakakakkakaka.......... really.... LOADS~~

First of all, Rainforest Cafe which is a creative restaurant with all the rainforest decoration, including animals!!! but of course... they're not live animals... haha..

Then, Japanese Buffet...... MY FAVORITE!!!

Lastly, Cheesecake Factory! I LOVE PORK CHOP!! that's how I felt after Cheesecake Factory.. hahaha... I can't even describe how tasty it is!!

Pictures time:::

*Sir Ling^^*

*Bung & Guang*

*The Girls*

*DIM SUM at China Town*

*Bun & Hubby*

*Perfect Sky*

*I'm da DRAGON*

*This is a room for 2 person.. TWO!!!*

*Bun & Hubby*


ps: this is only part of the pictures.. will update soon!! ^^




I'm back I'm back!!
Yea.. I'm back from Chicago..

^^ It was a nice trip...
seriously, I ATE a lot!! ahhahah...

from Chinatown DIM SUM to Rainforest Cafe, then Todai Japaneses food Buffet and also Cheesecake Factory!!

hohohoho.. It was so much fun and I'm so so so satisfied with those FOODS... kekeke...

although the price..... =.=" heee...... *SUPER* beautiful man....... T.T

Anyway, I'll update with pictures as soon as possible.. ^^

love ya~ muaks!!!