Been awfully suffered in severe abdominal pain, back pain, muscle pain, here pain, there pain, pain pain PAIN!!!! *yea, even my 屁股 also very pain* Nausea!! Diarrhea!!

I have no idea what was happening at that time. I thought I will be recover in maybe 1 or 2 days, but turn out I suffered for 1 week. I can't stand that kind of torture anymore, so I have no choice but to ask CK bring me to the hospital without any insurance on hand. SHIT!

Anyway, I went to Bronson and had my blood drawn by a very professional nurse. Her name is Tracy and she is just so great! She is pretty and very pro too because for the first time I don't feel anything! NOTHING AT ALL!!

And also, for the first time I'm on a drip! 2 packs of 0.9% sodium chloride saved my life.

According to the doctor, I have viral syndrome or commonly known as "cold". I was like COLD?!?!?!?! Anyway, he said it's not a big deal, it looks like this bug is being active recently since a lot of people has the same symptoms as me. So okay then, means I am quite normal.

So, it's been 2 weeks now. I'm slowly recovering! The doctor didn't give me any antibiotics or medicine. My only "medicine" is fluid. Gallon and Gallons of water. And guess what I had for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the past 4 days.

- Bananas
- Apple sauce
- Yogurt
- Bread
- Bread
- and more BREAD!


The group was having TomYam the other day and I was munching on bread..
How cruel they can be?!?!?!

What hurt me the most is, CK and Guang kept telling me how big the prawn is........
thanks for the detail information............
I don't need it at THAT time........ grrrr........

-with loves-

IF 2010

It was International Festival on Sunday.

I am glad that my body was feeling not bad on the day as I had promised that I will go help out at the food selling booth.

I don't have any traditional costumes or MASA t-shirt, so I have no choice but to wear my own clothes. But who knows!! Bobo borrowed a Baju Kurung for me from Belquizrin! So for the first time, I have myself a picture with Baju Kurung. At first, I didn't know how to wear it, like which part is the front and which is the back, turns out I got it wrongly.... =.=" so went to change again.. ahhaha...

Mummy: " I got shocked when I first see you in the Baju Kurung. It's tooo.. "Flower"..
but then.. it looks nice on you!"

Bobo: " I can easily spot you in the hall because you're really very "Flower-ish".. hahaha!"

Good then! Means that whenever I got lost, someone will find me.. =)

What we have this year for food?

We have Cucuk udang agaaaaiinnnn....
We have POPIAH!!

We have Soy Milk with CinCao!!

Too bad I didn't get to try the PoPiah..
but oh well, I had Japan's Crepes with bananas and Strawbie in it.. YUM~
and I had Green Curry from Thailand.. double YUMs for that! It was soooo goooood......


*Bobo and Me*

*Me and Yang Qian from China*

*Nick, LungShing, Bega and Me*


*Love from Guang and Bung*

To do list,
Food selling..................... DONE!
Watch performance........ DONE!
Eat................................... DONE!
Pictures........................... DONE!

So... it's time to go home~~~

One last thing....
Malaysia won the FIRST place in International Festival 2010!

that's it for now.

-with loves-


Other than suffering by frequent stomach upset, still having fun some------times.. =)

Joyce visited the town with her friend, Surine on Thursday.
They were actually on their road trip for Spring break...
ahhhhhh~ wondering when will be my road trip after the long long New York+Boston+Washington road trip we had during 2008 X'mas New Year Eve.

Anyway, I had class on Thursday until 8pm so I couldn't join Mini golf over the afternoon.
So, instead of that, we had dinner at KUMO!
It was sushi special night where each sushi only cost $1.
It's not super cheap though but still I ordered 15 sushi myself.. hehehhehe....

Y-bar after dinner

*CK insisted not to look at the camera.. why lar?!*

*Nice to meet you Surine and Long time no see Joyce!*
The group went Little Darling after Y-bar but sorry I didn't follow.
Have to sleep earlier for work tomorrow morning.. =(

*AND! I'm wearing my new BLAZER*

-with loves-


Option 1:

Option 2:





-with loves-

Vision Fourwinds

Wondering what I did over the weekend?

Something NEW!

I went clubbing at Chicago but oh well, I think I'm not really the clubbing kind of girl.
I felt nothing but boring.... aiks..
Fortunately, I have all the friends around me that kept me awake.. hehe..
I guess I was not in the prefect condition that day.. My body just don't feel right.. T.T

So anyway, we went to Penang for dinner before we check in our hotel.
For the first time, we brought out Hongkie friends over and had them tried on our Proudly Malaysian food.. =) glad that they love it too!
Penang foods are always the best! Hok Kien Cha and Hok Kien Mee are always the MUST! and guess what! We had 烤魔鬼鱼 too! Paise aa.. no picture for that.. lol

LungShing with his Ice Kacang!

The Aunty in Penang somehow made me feels like I was in BM..
Aunty: "那个筷子你们放 zo (着) 先... "


So then, after checked in, here comes VISION

kinda disappointed though, not many peoples and
also those "you know me, I dono you" kind of songs...

That ends our first day in Chicago.


H&M is so so great!
All men's and ladies' blazer or jacket are $15 off.
So, I bought 2 blazers, 2 tops, 1 aviator sunglasses (finally found the right one for me!) and 1 belt.
Even though we didn't make it to F21 but still.... satisfied with what I bought.. hehe..

Last but not least, BUFFET in FourWinds Casino!
Stupid Supervisor didn't let LungShing to go in because he didn't got his State ID or Passport. But hello? He was here twice using his HK ID and the security guy let him in Okay.. So what? You're now telling me that those two securities and you have different definition on ID?

Anyway, LungShing, Nick, Jones and Guang decided to drive back to Kzoo and grab his passport. Meanwhile, the guys went for gambling..
and for ME?
TOO BAD! I was seriously in Pain and feeling super uncomfortable all over my body.. Girls problem.. aiks! which means that I don't get to fully enjoy the heaven of FOODS... T.T
I only had one snowcrabs, few oysters and some desserts....
because of all these 生冷 stuff, I ended up vomiting.. ==" WASTED LA!!

Hng! I will go again and eat what I had missed.. HNG!!!!

*Really Nice CheeseCake!*

*Erm.. I don't know what this is called but yums!*

*Chocolate cake*

*Strawbie fondue made by CK*

*Super fresh oyster!*


Ps: FYI, I look yuck that day so I didn't take any picture of mine.. ahaha..
T.T and I was busying eating my snowcrabs so I didn't get to take any picture of it too!

-with loves-

No more Medium

Toilet Toilet........
Toilet Toilet Toilet..........

I swear I won't go for Medium in Thai food anymore..


That's not something for my tummy.

-with toilet roll on my hand-

Forever 21

Happy Birthday to Guang & Nub

For Guang: Don't worry, you'll always be 21 no matter what!

For Nub: You're finally 21! *we're finally same age.. shy~*

Surprise party is no longer a surprise anymore!
Thanks to Lungshing and Nick because I left all the headache things to them.. hehe..
they are the planner~ they are the host~
and me?! I'm just advisor.. hehe..
giving some opinion on pressie for Nub and Guang.
Nub is easier because I know what he needs but Guang.. hmm.... seriously need to squeeze the brain.. lol
but GOOD JOB guys!
we know they LOVE it!

Pictures time!!

*Very creative US map from Finley's*

*Creamy faces of the 21s*

*Cupcake of the day*

*Nub very happy opening his VS pressie with Bun very boh song look*

*I know you guys LOVE me =)*

*Nub with his Polo shoes*

*Guang with her lovey engraved bracelet*

*Buttercup! How lovey is that!!*

*Once again, Happy Birthday to my LOVES*


-with loves-

Goodbye Spring Break

Spring break is officially ends today

Although it doesn't really apply to me but I did enjoyed a little bit of spring break by going back earlier from lab. =)
and I'm satisfied with that.

Surprise! Nub bought me Baklava! LOVES!

My mum cut her hair and Yes! I love it!
You look young and pretty as always my dear mummy.
We will have 母女发 soon?!?!

-with loves-

When Bun Meets Strawbie

Guess what I had for snacks!




Something I wanted to post for a long long time.. =)
cuppie we got from Disney LAST year..

Found a pink bow under our sofa, so....... don't waste it.. =)

-with loves-


吃着 nub nub 为我多煮的豆油肉,




-with loves-

Home alone?!

Jeong, Jones, CheeChuan, Nick and Lungshing had went for Ohio trip for spring breaks.

Wei Jun had went for Snowboarding again.

Spring Breaks?!?! Not for us! Me and CK had went for work in campus. =.="

Oh well, I still had lots of fun though since I'm able to have DATE with my nub after so long.


The FA crews are still in Kzoo, so we went to Grand Rapids for beeeeeef..
*not apply for Jeong*
Nice weather, Nice foods, with Nice crews = Fantastic!

*A Must for Beef noodles soup*

*Dono what blood cake and some dono what from pig porridge*

*Jeong's dono what rice la! But YUMS!*

*Wan Tan Noodles Soup*

At night, the boys and Me had pizzas.
Indoo Mee for 除夕;pizza for 元宵节 .
What a great combo.. =="

Anyway, I made some 爱玉冰 no 冰 as desserts =)

Nobody was in home during Morning because Jeong them had departed to Ohio,
whereas me and CK had went out for work.

Something to happy for today is.....
CK had promised me that he will bring me for shopping!
So, I came back from School at 1pm, waited for him until 2pm,
then headed to Culver's for some nice chiiickeens.
Btw, they made some mistakes on our orders,
so we ended up having 2 thighs, 2 legs and 1 breast instead of 3 thighs and 1 leg.
=) Love Culver's!

CK: "Bun, I will pay for whatever you buy today."
Bun: " *Huge smile on my face* "
ps: I didn't buy a lot though. I'm a thoughtful girlfriend. =)

At night, we were too full to eat some real dinner,
so we had indo mee, soup and Jeong's Thai Cuisine leftover.
PLUS! KangXi for entertainment.

Same thing, went to School early in the morning and trying to finish my work as soon as possible.
We had checkers for lunch and yes, KangXi again.
Then, we made our dinners!! Yums~
We invited Wei Jun over to have dinner together and No, not KangXi,
we watched 幽灵公主 *Princess Mononoke*.
Even though I had watched it for maybe 3 or 4 times?
I still LOVE it!

*CK's Tau Yew Bak*

*My 三杯鸡*

*My Sweet & Sour Chicken*

Tell me that they look YUM! TELL ME!!
that's it for now. Tata then~

-with loves-