Tomato & Cucumber

Tomate & Cucumber

Guang's ASUS sicked last week.... so pity.... haiz...

so I accompanied her to the ASUS center again for FOC service.. ^^

after passed the 'patient' to the ASUS 'doctor', we went to Pavilion for SHOPPING! ^^

hehe.. both of us bought a pair of jeans.. same style but different color... love it!!

then, we waited for Joyce who was on the way coming to meet us...

we had dinner at Sakae Sushi and I ate quite a lot that day...
What to do??? Japanese food is my FAVORITE!!!


*Outside Top shop*

*In Sakae sushi*

Mummy and Daddy

Mummy and Daddy

We had our VISA interview last week.. and trust me, it's very scary at first but then when I finally met with the officer... HEHEHE...

So all of us get our visa.. hohohohoho.....

Other than that, we went to 'ole-ole bali' to have our dinner in Pyramid, chat in Starbucks and also watched 'The Kingdom'...

the movie is NICE.. very 'ganjiong' ^^ but a bit scary when the movie starts and end....


emm... many peoples CLAP *i'm not sure who they are la... but seems like they are not malaysian laa..*


again.. hehe.. Jones brought my family back to RAWANG and we had FISH for dinner~~~~

^^ yay~~~ eat fish eat fish eat fish!! This time I finished 1 fish by myself... hehehehe...

so YUMMY~~

pictures ::::

*Porridge for lunch - Before*

*Porridge for lunch - After*

*Ole-Ole Bali*

*Mummy & Daddy*

*Aren't we CUTE??? lolz*

*The gorgeous family.. wahahha..*

*Rawang fish - Before*

*Rawang fish - After*

My 19th Birthday


OKAY... i understand it passed long long time ago.....................
but please allow me to post it now, kay?????? ^^


First of all, it was a surprise party *a very small one* with me, guang, hubby and jones..

THEY CHEATED ME...... but i love the surprise.. hahahaha......

*skip skip skip the stupid story*

Anyway, we ended up in Station One..

hehe... we ate some simple snacks, played the board game 'snake' and also 'cho di'

well, they gave me another surprise before we went back..


^^ thanks so much my lovely and dearest buddies+house mates!!!!!!
u guys are so NICE and SWEET man~~

*ps: too bad we don't have 'jun liang' this year.. T.T banana!! miss u laa...



*Hubby + Bun Bun*

*My chocolate cake*

*eat eat eat*

*hee.. I am VERY happy! Can you feel it?*

*Family of A-1-6*



Awwww... Finally i got SOME extra time to blog... ^^
Okay, it's been so, very, too, extremely and etc........ BUSY for the past 2 weeks..
Bio presentation, Hist presentation, Chem presentation, quiz quiz quiz, test test test, assignment assignment assignment~~~~~~ *the list still go on and on*

Understand now???

What I need to do for the following week is...

Finish my bio last assignment..
Prepare for my chem last TEST..
Finish my Hist portfolio..
Prepare for my FINAL exam..



okay okay.. don't think so FAR away first.. =.=

anyway, I'm going to UPDATE UPDATE my blog in the next post... ^^

Baby Laugh

Baby Laugh

My friend sent me 2 really CUTE videos!!
They're so cute that I keep LAUGHING non-stop after I watched it..

Tell me, which one you prefer.. Baby A or Baby B???
hehe... >.<

Baby A:

Baby B:

Ps: I want a baby like them.. ^^

BIO presentation

BIO presentation

FINALLY!!! I finished my bio presentation!!
Ooowww... just how torture it is to speak in front of other people!
Their english is so good~~~ =.=
Mine is like... uh-hum... *u understand well*

Anyway, I'm so happy that I've done it...
2 MORE presentations to go!!
GO GO GO~~~~~~



yippeee... finnaly Jones decided to fulfill what he promised long long time ago..
we went to Rawang to have our dinner ---> 'Africa Fish'!!
sounds weird?? hehe.. but really super tasty!!
although Jones said not really nice that day because the fish is kinda big..
But since I love fish.. heee... my comment is still GREAT!! ^^

Well, a small little problem rose on the way to Rawang..

~~~Jones's car 'tayar pancit'~~~

1. Before tol :
2. After tol : king.....kring.......kong.......krong.....



So, the three yeng guys have to change the tayar while me taking photo of them.. keke...

Anyway, after the tayar incident and our Africa fish dinner..
we went to another place for dessert.. ^^ I ordered an 'Ai Yu Bing'..
hmm.. still not bad la *a little bit too sour*..
but very huge and cheap!! NICE!!

It was a great night and thanks to Jones, my hubby and Tim~~~~~

*tayar tayar tayar*

*dessert time*

Ps: will upload the Africa fish pic as soon as possible.. ^^

Too busy Too tired

Too busy Too tired

It's been so harsh for me these few days..
All assignments and presentations suddenly 'pop' out..
I'm so sleepy and tired now yet still struggling with my biology *DNA DNA DNA*
I still have to study for my chemistry and prepare for my modern history presentation tomorrow even though I will finished my biology in the morning..
I'm so tired......
biology test, chemistry test, modern history presentation, biology presentation, chemistry presentation, chemistry lab test.........
somemore VISA application...
T.T they are DEVIL~~~~

I love to learn yet hate to have test..
Am I normal??? =.=

*can I sleep now? I think I finished what I need to study for my biology*

Feeling Extremely Not Well

Feeling Extremely Not Well

The story begins:::::::::

Came back from BM lastnite and went to eat dinner with Kelvin and Guang..
So REGRET laaa!!
I ate *baked cheese rice* and drank *is naicha not alcholic drinks* so much lastnite till I can't sleep..... =.=
And I'm darn **sleepy + heahache + feeling like vomit** NOW


suffering now...... T.T


*I'll never drink naicha at nite anymore!*

Good News!!

Good News

Hooray~~~ good news from Penny..
finally my I-20 is ON THE WAY...
Penny phoned to WMU just now and what she told Jeong is
"WMU said they had sent all I-20 today..
So our I-20S are on the way coming to us!!

yea yea!! I'm so so happy!!
Finally I heard something GOOD..
nonono is GREAT!!



Arghhhhh~~~ PLEASE LAaaaa....
gimme gimme gimme my I-20!!
It's been 1 month since I delivered my application form to WMU..
I still haven't get my I-20 yet!!

Uurghhhhh.... I need my I-20 laaa!!
I can't do anything without it!!
I'm struggling in book or not book my apartment.. and honestly, I do scare that what if that agent lied to me..
choon yee them okay maa.. it should be alright.. *hope so*

No I-20 No VISA!!

okay now.. this is the most complicated part..


look at these alphabets I also scare... =.="
I hope I can go through this 'level' smoothly so that I don't have to go and go and go again and again..........................................

and now!!
I need my VISA to get a special price air ticket! =.= =.=
argh~~ what to do what to do????

I-20!! You're so so so important!!
I need you to reached Malaysia as soon as possible..

*pray for me laa.. T.T*

Movie Review - Apartment 1303

Movie Review - Apartment 1303

PS: Sorry if I confused you guys aaaaa.. lolz... if u guys don't understand... just ignore it laa... blek~~

Neh~~ A movie review? Never thought of it after I passed my theater class.. haha..
Tenants in Apartment A-1-6 went to watch the movie 'Apartment 1303' last week *soundz weird* =.=''
Anyway, truly I felt : WE SHOULD WATCH LAST LEGION!!!

T.T too bad we end up watching Apartment 1303 which is a LAME horror movie..

I should say the beginning part is quite interesting and did caught my attention!
YEA~~ I cried I cried in the middle I think cause the sister is TOO pity laaaa... T.T


The ending *ewwww* ghost?? nah... I'll say that's a DOG instead.. The ghost act like a dog, well maybe it make sense since the ghost's mother used to treat her as a dog..
it doesn't make sense for me since I'm watching a GHOST movie and.... grrr... you'll understand my feeling if you watch that movie..
The ending part really make me kind of *scratch head* feel...

Girl A: Please stop killing people, I'll be your sister and I'll stay here forever with my mum to accompany you and your mum(dead also)..
Ghost: ....... (then disappear)

yea yea... I really thought that will be the ending... but then on the next morning... that ghost wanna kill the Girl A..

Girl A: Why?? Please don't kill me... (grr... something like that lar)
Ghost: hehehehe... I'm the only child of my mum... I don't have any sister....... *evil smile*

Then??? That ghost killed the girl la...

STUPID ending rite???
felt like *kena bom* =.="

Save The Dolphin, Save The World

Save The Dolphin, Save The World

Anybody aware about the dolphin news in Japan?
How could they be so cruel to the innocent dophins??
About 14,000 dolphins are killed for food in Japan annually..
Those peoples are DEVIL!!

Dolphins are graceful and one of the most friendliest animal in the world..
They are definitely NOT for food..


Please! somebody please protect the dolphins..

Stop eating dolphins!! *I never thought that there will be SOMEBODY actually eats dolphin!*
How could someone just swallow such angelic dolphin????


Bad Day SHooooooo...

Bad Day SHooooooo...

yoohooo... I'm back I'm back.. my mood is back~~
although I had a really BAD BAD day yesterday..
but it seems everything had past.. ^^
although I'm still not feeling very well,
but at least hubby helped me a lot today..

hubby cooked me a bowl of wild mushroom soup since I'm not able to eat anything..
no appetite at all..
but that mushroom soup taste REALLY good!!

why my mood back?
hubby sayang me lor..
received monkee keat's tissuez.. ^^
kacau-ed by kiam kiam in my blog.. lolz..
guang guang's joke is always the best.. XD
talked to my mum through phone.. :)

of course there are still a lot more good things happened today.. hehehe...

okay~ I have to sleep now.. good luck for tomorrow chem quiz~~

I'll say BUH BYE to hell week and I wanna CHIONG K!!

Bad Day

Bad Day

I had a really bad day yesterday.. T.T
everything just making me so SAD!!
Accidentally hurt my leg
Stomachache *well, not really stomachache actually*
Here pain there pain la.. my whole body PAIN aa..
Had a little quarrel with hubby
Have to finish my freaking crazy biology lab report
grr... grrr....

Sometimes I felt like I'm alone, there is nobody for me to TALK to..
or maybe I just want to keep it in my heart..
act like nobody will know it..
and they'll only see my smiley face..
But.. is that what I really want?
I'm not sure..
I did changed abit..
I'm no longer the high school yihwen..
I'll just scream out and talk to my best friends whenever I'm sad..
but now.. they're not at my side..
felt like I'm alone..
Although I still can chat with them on net..
BUT!! I wanted to see their FACE!!

Frenz... I miss u guys so so much!!
I miss high school life!!