Hooray yea yea Hooray yea yea~~~

For the first time........

I'm able to wear SHORTS to WMU.. hehehe....

shorts makes me feel amazing...
energetic, kawaii >.<, sporty and SUMMER (although I should say spring for now) ^^

Yea.. I do love wearing shorts outside..
it's much comfortable than wearing a jeans...
But don get me wrongly, I love jeans too.. ^^

Oh ya.. speaking about spring or summer..
I found there is really a big difference between Asian *me* and White *my classmate*..
Okay, Asians or maybe me are quite *chocolate* in color but those Whites are really fair...

in fact, I really love their color tone! but guess what, they enjoy being 'tan' =.=" ...................chocolate want to be milk, milk want to be chocolate...................

Most of my classmates went to for tanning.......
while ME keep searching for....

There are loads and loads and loads of anti-aging products in US but not whitening products!!!! T.T
urgh~~~ i hate being chocolate!!! I want to be MILK!!!!

See See!!
I'm wearing SHORTS!!!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

~ 11/4 ~
seems loads of people born that day huh?? hehehe....


~@Miss NG SOK WEI @~

Happy Birthday My gal!!!

muaks muaks.. ^^

I got loads of 'GILI' pictures..
WOohOoo~~~ don kill me aarrr!!!


*Our LONG LONG time ago pic*
~Note: Our hair... like shit man.. =.=~

*ci sin peoples in my room^^*

*Great poser*


*Eh~ ur mom in da pic la*


*Miss our band life?*

*I love this pic so much!!*

Actually hor... i wanna post one more picture.. BUT
I'm sure you'll kill me... heheh...
so I'll just keep it for myself.. ^^


~@ Mr Jon @~

Happy Birthday!!!

Just came back from the party and

I had a GREAT night.. ^^
thanks buddies~~~

I can't help thinking of...
"dee dee dee dee dee deeeeee"

kekeke.. ^^

*Me with the custom made Tee*

*Happy Birthday to JON CHONG*

Great News

Great News

yeah.. ^^
ignore my previous post about how disappointed I felt towards myself..
I have GREAT GREAT news in this post!!

First of all, my mummy is coming.. YEAH!!! COMING REALLY SOON!! Can't believe that my mum actually coming to visit me that soon.. hohohohoho...

Next, another 45minutes more, here come my mum's Birthday... erm... actually.. quite confusing for me because I'm in US time but she is in Malaysia time.. hmmm... Whatever la...
Just wanna wish my mum HAPPY BIRTHDAY...
=.= but she is not online.. grrrr....

Then, Spring~~~~
although the weather still........
uh-hum... bad.... feels like winter.. T.T But I believe it is COMING soon.. hehe....
shorts!!! skirts!! dresses!! WAIT FOR ME!!

Last but not least, congratulations to 2 of my buddies.. ^^
Distance surely is not a problem.. I'm sure u guys will work out nicely... ^^
Muaks.. love u guys and remember...
~quoted from kenneth~
@.@ just can't believe that at the same time, 2 of my BFFs turn from single to




urgh....... Hate exam so much.. I'm sure nobody loves it as well..

Just finish my Physics Exam 3 few minutes ago and for the first time...
I felt so............ disappointed... not because of you, not because of the stupid question but...


I should study more for it... I should.....
It's not like I can't answer all of the questions but.... some.. and quite a BIG portion of the paper..

It is NO use for regret now....
Hope those answers that I 'diang' are CORRECT!! >.< Bless me Bless me!!!

ps: I just asked my professor about the final exam...

Professor: " The exam will cover all of the chapters *smiling*. "
Me: " ALL??? =.= okay... thank you *faint*. "


Goh Yih Wen!
You can do it!!!
I do hope so~~ keke..