Bitter versus Sweet




Bitter versus Sweet

Sweet : 1) woohooo~~
2) yaayy~~~~~
3) look at me! I'm ski-ing~~

Bitter : 1) oh my god~~
2) aaaaahhhhhhhhh~~
3) aaaaaaahhhhhhh~~ *small font = my voice is starting to fade out*
4) *silence* why?! because my butt is on snow.. xD

After 2 years, we FINALLY decided to go for ski yesterday.
The day before yesterday is a SNOW day, which means we'll get a hill full of SNOW..
*ngek ngek ngek*

However, we forgot to check on the weather but fortunately, the weather was GREAT!
We don't really feel cold at all.. =)

Thankfully, we DID went for ski and YES we enjoyed a lot.. hehehe...

-with loves-

Marley Boy


I don't want Marley to go to Malaysia.

Although he is not really my dog.. but.. but.......
He is always with us for all these days... T.T

from little baby boy until now...
he is too cute to leave my sight !

Proudly present...... Baby Marley!!

Baby Marley is a Big Boy now =)

His new toy / chair / friend and ..... *shy* something you should be able to figure it out ..

*Giggle* : I went to ski yesterday.. =) FUN but I feel exhausted

-with loves-

Beauty & the Beast

Be Our Guest! Be Our Guest!

Beautiieee aannd the Beeaaaasssst~~~~ *dance dance swing swing*

Finally!! Beauty & the Beast is in the town! woohoo~

Our theme for the day is BLACK

but too bad we don't have a time to take a group picture.. *sobsob*
so I took my own picture instead.. >.<

Before the theater show, we went to McDonald's and had our dinner.
10pcs of chicken nuggets are YUM~

1 thing that I don't get it at all is......
do they look the same for you?
My friend keep saying the little girl on my pink pouch is Hello Kitty..
not one people but a couple of them!
why lar?!?!

Shoes for the night..
FYI, the "coco" color converse are not mine, they belong to CheeChuan..
the 代言人 of cho-co-late! =)

-with loves-

So Random...

Amin's Birthday....... DONE!

Chinese New Year.... DONE!

Jones' Birthday........ DONE!

联谊之紫色作业........ DONE!

Lansing Sing K......... DONE!

What else then?
I do feel like shopping...
even window shopping is GOOD enough for me.. =)

-with loves-

Feeling like HOME



*Yum Yum*

Aawww~ I feel like HOME... =)


富有富的浪漫 ;穷有穷的贴心