Tantei Gakuen

Tantei Gakuen

I have no idea how I get to know this series


Thanks god for letting me bump into it..

It might be a kids series for you but I still love it!

It's about bunch of kids who are in detective school which has only 1 class

Q Class

aiyahhhh.... stop it stop it!

the main point IS!!!

I found a really cute boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

His name is Yamada Ryosuke and he is DAMN cute!!!!!!!!

can somebody please tell me, why is he so cute????


if only I have such a cute little brother~~~~~~~~~
sure I'll very very SAYANG him.. lolz...



yippee yippee yaa yaaa....
finally!!!! I'm done with my Genetics!!!!
Just finished my genetics final just now and went to Wendy's for erm.. lunch+tea time+dinner

I'm not going to say anything about my exam
I know I didn't do well and I know I made terrible mistake
I think I still managed it well..

just let it go kay???



Have you ever ask yourself-------

'Did I tried my best?'

Are you confident enough to say

'YES! I tried ALL my best and I have nothing to regret!'

Nope for me. At least not for my previous exam. I did try but I won't say it's ALL my best. I've been telling myself 'I promised I'll try harder next time' since kindergarten perhaps, but I don't think I actually fulfilled my own promiseS.


I still remember there was a time when me, ck and Guang were studying for our calculus test. I used to ask ck, 'why you seems so calm and relax while I look so stupid here?'

he told me that, 'you have no idea how much time I gave to Calculus during my secondary school, if you want to get a good grade, stop complaining and work for it! Earn it yourself!'

yea yea yea.... I did cried for several times during our free+private calculus tuition time.
and thank you so much for pampering me EVERYTIME I cried. I look really stupid that time huh? >.<

I'm getting older now and I'm now an undergraduate student in WMU, I don't see any improvement on myself though. Maybe it's time for me to stop blaming on everything and try settle down. It's not easy, give me some time and I'll work it myself. Just give me some time.

ps: I'm good in 'talking' but not in 'doing' :p





I passed my TIP test

something like undang-undang la...

I'm seriously not good in logic of thingy and they keep telling me..

"aiyaa... don worry laa... use your common sense laa.. very easy de... u sure pass wan!!"

and guess what!!!

I failed for the first time.. =.="



I'm now an official 'PASSED' on TIP girl.. hohohohoho...