Kitty 'Dian Dian'

Kitty 'Dian Dian'

~~ She is so so so so CUTE~~
I met a little kitty this evening while I'm on the way to bus stop with Guang..
That kitty is so so so so CUTE!! >.<
She has a little brown spot on her forehead and so I named her
'Dian Dian' which means 'Spot Spot' hehe...
She is super duper hyperactive.. Once Guang started to touch her..
She was like a little tiger and started to grab Guang's hand - Bite here Bite there
*but not pain laaa... hehe.. *

she is cute she is cute she is cute
YES! 'Dian Dian' is CUTE! ^^

picture picture~~~
1 eye BIG 1 eye SMALL, just like ME!

*wooi~ why curi curi take my photo aar?*

Kim Gary

Free dinner in Kim Gary

Update Update Update!!

Well well well, I went to Kim Gary for dinner on Friday night with Guang Guang, CK, Jones, Kai Fong and Timothy..


Wondering why am I so happy?? ^^


I got my FREE dinner that night!!

Thanks to my lovely fren!!
Thanks dude!!

Welcome Back My Fringe

Welcome Back my

Went to A cut above yesterday for my haircut...
I don't really satisfied with my new fringe!!
It's like........... ARGH~~
I prefer my FIRST fringe.......
I should go back to the very first hair salon I went last year...

Anyway, I still have the pictures here....
(cry laugh cry laugh.. sot de)

Curry FISH

Curry Fish

My first curry fish!! hehez.. Timothy's parents brought us a fish they fished few days ago and I was wondering how are we going to cook that fish???!?! I've never tried to cook a fish before and some more I don't even know what fish is that!!
Hmmm..... Steam fish?? Nononono... Fish soup?? Nononono... Fish porridge?? Nononono...

AHAAA!! 'ting ting'


And therefore, Hubby and I went to shop for some ingredients.... hehez...
I'm so nervous since this is the first time we are going to cook fish..

Wondering what's the result??


Hmmmm... It's so TASTY!! keke...

Timothy: "No bad wor..... hee.."

We enjoyed our dinner~~

PS: Mummy!! I cooked curry fish!!! GENG ler~~~

Both 'me' & the knife are READY! Hehehe..... *evil smile*

The Killer

Before & After ^^

Jack's Place

Jack's Place

Yooohooooooo.... went to Jack's Place this afternoon, well it's been a long time since my last visit to Jack's Place..

Foods are still nice!
Service are good!
My lunch partner is Great!

Lobster Bisque Soup of the day

My main course - Grilled fish

Hubby's main course - errr.... wat wat steak la.. hee.. forgot d..

Friendship Forever

Friendship Forever

Thank you so much my friends!!
Thanks for having a gathering while I'm in BM..
Thanks for remembering me..
Thanks for all the laughter you guys gave me..
Thanks for the cute little piggy card..
Thanks for the Teddy..

Thanks for being my FRIEND!!!

Love u all!!

Swee Ling + Qian Qian + Wan Joo + Yan Ching(dono spell correct or not.. hee.. paise aa.. ) + Wei Keat = YihWen^^

Ling + ME

ME + Qian

ME + Joo

My little piggy card

My lovely TEDDY!!!

Continue from Hatyai Trip

The Bird we saved

Continue from the previous 'Hatyai Trip', the little bird that we saved~

We went to temple on the 2nd day and while I am waiting for Guang's family finished their praying stuff.......... Suddenly.... A bird bumped it's head towards a stone bench.. and gone fainted!!
HAk SeI YAn meh!!!

UU jie jie then put it under a huge tree.. and she also gave it some water to drink...
that birdie is so pity!!

And the causes is!!!!
You know some temple got what '放生' thingy??
Outside the temple got a stall that sell birds for freedom.. 3 birds 100 baht..
It's because of that freedom stuff laaa!!!
The little birdie bang on the bench when it was released by a man..

After released by people then? catch them back again and sell one more time??
How many times you want those birds suffer??!?!?!


No demand No supply!!
We shouldn't buy it then there will be no more ppl selling these birds in the future...
Luckily the little birdie din die, IF NOT!!! HNG!!!

~May God Bless You My Little Birdie~

Hatyai Trip

Hatyai Trip

Okay, finally I got all the pictures we took in Hatyai from Guang Guang.. Wow.. It's A LOT man!!

First of all, our first day trip is :
Simply Shopping and Eating most of the time.
Saw a pomeranian when we were having our lunch in a narrow lane.. he is so 'PONG', summer you lost d laa.. but I still love ya!!


It's funny to shop at the roadside and looking at all those old clothes which I bought last few years ago.. They still have the stock huh?!?! haha...

Leng zai model??

We went to TESCO by 'toot toot car' in the afternoon.. Malaysia got TESCO donwan go, go Hatyai TESCO.. =.=
Some more shop till like hell... =.= Guang's family really GENG!! All shopping Queen.. ^^

In the 'toot toot car'

Longest receipt I've ever seen!

Yea.. your eyes are fine.. it was us that gone insane.. ^^ 12526.50 baht!!

We had our dinner in a dono what name restaurant and KILL by that restaurant!!!! Do you know what I mean by KILL??
The darn EXPENSIVE dishes:
2 different types of vege + Bitter gourd soup + Butter prawn + Steamed fish(not expensive type) +Fried SMALL oysters with egg + 10 small bowls of 'tong sui'
Guess how much????

RM 280!!!!!!!
We got killed till no blood aaaa.. T.T

Then, after the tiring shopping, my mum + me + Guang + her mum went to enjoy FOOT MASSAGE!!
wooohoooo.... although it hurts a little bit but I enjoyed my 1st time experience.. ^^

Gan Jiong Gan Jiong


I'm certainly enjoyed the foot massage!!

~1st day END~

Next the 2nd day:
I really enjoy my 2nd day in Hatyai.. ^^
Had a walk at the seaside and also a cup of Coconut Ice-cream (so nice!!)
And also Guan Yim Temple and we saved a bird!!!

Dragons ROAR~~

We went to 'Songkha' to eat seafood!! oowwhh.. my favorite!!
Hng!! Compared to yesterday nite's dinner, seafood in Songkha is much tastier and cheaper!!
We ordered:
Curry crab + Seafood Tomyam soup + Claypot tofu with crab meat + Prawn meat 'donut' + Mixed vege
Guess how much??

RM 110!!!!!!

The conclusion is ---> Go Songkha eat seafood better........... or go to those restaurant with fixed price menu.

At night, hehe... we went to watch 'AH GUA' show... This is the first time I watch AH GUA show.. My 1st impression to them is..... WOW!! They are beautiful with nice shape!!
But then, when I saw them after the show in a much closer distance..
Believe me, you don't want to see them...

After the show, suddenly a waiter came and asked me to take a pic with him..
>.< I should ask money from him huh??
However, since I'm not Ah Gua, I prefer to enjoy the feeling of being asked by a guy to take a picture with him.. hehe...

PS: I prefer not to upload those 'Ah Gua' pictures.. since...... 18xx?? haha...

~ 2nd day END~

Time to go back!!!
Well, we still have few hours to shop on the last day.. But actually, the time is not really so much, therefore.....
My mum and me have to rush into the shopping complex and quickly try on anything that we want and pay.. hehe.....
Oh ya~~ My mum bought me few winter clothes and socks.. LOVE ya mummy!!!
Muaks Muaks!!!

THen..... No more d laa.... slept in the van only looo... hehe... but
I'm DARN hungry on the way back from Hatyai.. T.T

Spot me!!

~Hatyai Trip END~

Explosion in my kitchen

Explosion in my kitchen

What was still in my mind is that my mum was preparing and cooking my lunch just now and suddenly i heard a POP - PLING - PLANG - KING - KING - KONG - KONG soundzz...
When I rushed to the kitchen what I saw is my mum stunned there, broken glasses everywhere and my precious lunch........ T.T no more..................
I thought the gas exploded but my mum said is the what what glass on the wall exploded.. and bla bla bla.. (sorry my fren, I can't write it here becoz I don't really understand too.. ^^)
Then, I took some of the pictures in case we can redeem for any free repair and whatever else.

The causes of the explosion still remain a MYSTERY.............
too hot? bad quality? bad luck??

My lunch.. T.T

No need fly till so far gua.......... =.=

Sesame and Soy Restaurant

Sesame and Soy Restaurant - G Hotel

Went to Penang with my mum yesterday and we had our lunch in a restaurant named Sesame and Soy in G hotel.
Well, I think the foods are quite special and nice in decoration.. haha..
My mum and I both had the business set lunch..
Not really satisfied me since the set lunches are in either 'appetizer + main course' or 'main course + dessert'.
Why don't they serve in 'appetizer + main course + dessert'???? This is better, don't you think so?
Anyway, I had my great time in the restaurant.. ^^

Pictures time~~
On the way to G hotel : I'm so so HUNGRY!

Honeydew Melon 100% pure juice - Before
Honeydew Melon 100% pure juice - After

My appetizer - Soft Shell Crab

My mum main course - dono what Pork rib bla bla... haha..

My mum dessert - Chocolate Banana Roll

Back to Malaysia

Back to Malaysia

Hoohoo.. Finally I'm back to Malaysia.. Hee.. Just back from my Hatyai trip yesterday..
Well, it was a GREAT trip!! Bought some winter clothes from the shopping mall, watched 'renyao' show and enjoyed foot massage.. ^^
Photos are still under process.. be patient kay.. ^^

Got to go.. tataz.. Will update the photos as soon as possible..

Resident Evil: Extinction

First of all, THANK YOU to my dearest Guang Guang and Jones!!! Love you guys so so much!! Muaks Muaks *lots of lots of kisses* ..

Now is 1.24am and I just came back from Pyramid. Hooray~~ Finally I watched 'Resident Evil' and I am so so so happy.. ^^ Luckily you guys willing to accompany me although both of you guys watched d.. hehe....

Okay now.. continue with my Alice.. keke.. she is so so so darn cool!!! Hmm.... but I prefer her look in 1st and 2nd movie.. Why? I don't think she has any make up on her face in both Movie 1 and 2.. Hehe.. Prefer natural look... ^^

Due to the Cinema fabulous sound system.... I almost have a heart attack during the movie.. I even got shocked by the 'electric' sounds - something like 'plik plak'.. =.= Felt myself like an idiot when I was shocked by that scene AND laughed by that Jones... grrrr....

Oh ya!! I found Nicky(from Heroes) but named as Claire in the movie.. ^^

Anyway, this is the best night.. and I'm now so so tired+sleepy..

Sorry ya Jones, tomorrow you got early class, I still asked you go out.. >.<

PS: Going back to BM tomorrow night.. wakakakkaka.....

Wen: "Mummy!! I'm GOING back!!"


Very bad lar you people!!! Always ignore me.... hehe...

This is a mystery: People used to ignore without any reasonz... >.<
Is it because my voice too soft or..... I'm too 'wu liao'?? haha....

I realize that since I came to Sunway University College and the first people who made me feel that way is --------

Qiang Qiang Qiang Qiang..

!!!Goh Guang Guang!!!

The virus had spread to everyone in my house.. haiz........

We went to Asia Cafe to have our dinner just now.. again..... they ignore me~~ I wanna let Daphne try my 'kimchi' fried rice but at the same time Guang wanna let her try her noodles too.. Guang's was faster than me at that time, so I end up as being ignored...

Jones: Suan liao laaa... Peoples not only love to ignore you BUT also your food.. HAHA...
Wen: ..... *lol* kek si wa aaa.....

The story haven't end yet.......

Then, I wanted to use my handphone to book for 'Resident Evil' tickets.. but.... no reply from maxis............... =.=

Jones: Even Sunway Pyramid's Cinema loves to ignore YOU~~~
Wen: =.= *fainted*

grrrrr.................. haha..... really KEK SI WA aaa... lolz......

Anyway, I booked three 11.30pm tickets... hope I can watch it laa.. keke...


Me, Guang, Jones and CK went to eat steamboat lastnite.. hehe.. very very happy nite.. Why? Because that's the first time we go eat buffet steamboat together maaaaaa.... keke...
Although my cholesterol is so 'LOW' but I still ate a LOT of prawns.. hehe..
aboh then!! each person 20 bucks, very expensive you know???!?!?!?

The climax of that dinner is ------> 'Chicken Wings' !! Very weird?
Prawns still got a lot at the buffet counter BUT zero for chicken wings, how can that be?!?!
suppose prawns 'kang kang'(kosong), chicken wings a lot!!
Dono why those peoples love chicken wings so much.. We waited for 3 rounds I think, just to get the chicken wings.. >.<>.<
Chicken Wings!!

How many prawns we ate that nite huh?!

Guang + Me


Yippee~~~~ Finally I bought Secret's DVD..
OOOhhhh... just how much I love this movie!!
I love Everything of this movie including songs, characters, and the storyline!! LOVE IT~~
Hee.. After waited for almost a week.. wahhahaha... DVD!!
The NG part is not so..... good because too short but I enjoy watching the making part.. They are so cute and 'wu liao' .. *haha* especially JAY!

Wen: "Mummy, I will take it back to home and we watch it together during Raya ya.. hehe^^"



I'm in the last semester in Sunway College FINALLY!!! However, it is definitely not a honey moon semester. I've been suffering in my headache (almost everyday), cold sore (past 2 weeks), lots of lots of quizzes and assignments, and I still have THREE presentation to work on. Argh~~~~ somebody please please help me!! I'm going to faint.......

Luckily I have a bunch of friends that share the SAME hobby ---> SING K.. Fuiyoh~~~ it's been kind of 'K week' then evolved to 'K month' and now I think it has potential to evolve into 'K semester'!! I think all of us had gone mad.. haha... INSANE!!

Anyway, I'm now still waiting for my I-20.. PlEASE PLEASE fast fast come la... Wanna fast fast complete all those transfer stuff....... T.T I'm so so tired.......