Ummmm... what to blog huh??
Well, It's not a GREAT week for me because :::::

1. STUPID Coldsore
I'm sure most of my friend know that the stupid 'PEARL' thingy will appears on my lips about once every few months. Urgh...... hate it and hate it.. I found some information about it on the net.. Peoples often get infected and have outbreaks at Winter and Summer. It means, me SEI lor.... winter for so long!!!!!!!!

2. STUPID 'aunty'
T.T Why girls have to suffer more than guys???????
But luckily, I'm not suffering in PAIN this time.. It's just that........ about 3 weeks d.... that 'aunty' still with me.. =.=
ps: but now SHE FLEW away looo.. kakakka...

Those two STUPID thingy seriously killed me. I'm not able to EAT properly, SLEEP properly and even LAUGH properly...
SEE LARRrrrr... SO pity la me...... T.T

Luckily Mike bought me coldsore's ointment.. hohohoho... getting better and better now....


I DID bring................


the BOX... hehe... but I forgot to put the OINTMENT into my bag....

STUPID HUH?!?!?!??!?!


It's -15 degree Celsius today......
and the worst part is

WMU is still OPEN!!!


why like that???

CLOSE maaaa...


okay okay... stop complaining.....

anyway, it's freaking cold outside with the crazy WIND~~

The wind almost KILLED me today..

Update Update Update


Hee... sorry laaaaaaaaa.... u guys keep on perli me...
really BUSY laaa.... >.< Really curious about those American, why they love reading assignments so much huh?!?! not to mention about POP quiz also, which scares me a lot!! Sorry for being disappear for such a long time. Start updating right NOW~~~~

First of all ::::::::::::::::::

My life

Still remember my 'greeny' University before?? GONE~~~~~ because it's SnowIng again... ^^ I do love snow but I hate it when I have to RUSH on the snow..... it's tiring!!!! Kinda boring staying in Kalamazoo (K for Kampung).. only one shopping mall which located at... FAR FAR away...... no more PYRAMID!!!! T.T another place that we will mostly go once every week for groceries is Meiyer, something like Carrefour.. I love to go Meiyer because I can be CASHIER~~ Meiyer has very high tech counter where you can scan stuff and pay yourself.. ^^ GENG LER!!!!

not to bla so much, picture time:::


*Ignore my panda eyes >.<*
*Ou ou... it's going to rain*

*My lunch.. T.T*

*American's sugus*

*Snow!! that's Wood Hall where I attend my biology class*

*Heading to Rood Hall for statistic class*


We will go to Meiyer every Fridays for groceries shopping. Usually we have 7 peoples but the other three fellows decided to follow MC them on the next day. SO~~~ Me, Guang, CK and Jones went by ourselves.. sounds familiar?? YEA YEA!! the family of A-1-6!!!!!
The four of us agreed to watch "Cloverfield" that day at KALAMAZOO 10...
If you want to vomit, I suggest this movie! DAMN nice for vomit laaa!!
hmm.. I don't think the word 'movie' suit "Cloverfield", I should say VIDEO because they use video camera to record this film.......... =.= funny rite??? somemore... NO CONCLUSION..... grrrrrrrr.....
However, the main actor and actress in this VIDEO very LENG and ENTAO... hohohohoho....
After 'vomiting' all over in the toilet, we went to FRIDAY'S!!! HOORAY~~~
It's a nice experience but I don't think I will go there again... hee... too $$$ la....
OH yaaa.... we saw a frozen lake on the way to Fridays.. ^^

Pictures time:::

*Frozen LAKE*

*COOL huh?!*


*See that RED white RED white?*

*Thanks God It's FRIDAY'S!*

*If you don wanna smile, I'll squeeze you ~evil~ kekeke*


*Gimme one broccoli laa...*


*Jones & Hubby's dessert*

*Pong Euuuuuu*

*I'm gonna EAT it*

*My supper!! prepared by Chef Jones & Chef Hubby*

~to be continue~


This post is mainly about


Promise!! I'll update it really soon..

2nd Day

Second Day

Today was my second day of university life in Kalamazoo. I might have to say that everything went through smoothly. I met lots of nice people.


Hmm.. they are so helpful especially when I'm lost in that campus which I not yet familiar with. But thanks to them, I can now recognize most of the buildings that I needed to know for this semester, such as ROOD hall, WOOD hall, MOORE hall and EVERETT tower. Those name sounds weird huh?? Well, I do think so..

Snowy day had passed for about 2 days thus I can "see" my campus more clearly than last time when EVERYTHING is white in color. No more snow cushion and what left now is some greeny color for the trees and land.

Thankful, Jeong had successfully enrolled in STAT 2600. All of the class enrollment had settled and what we need to worry now is : not only attending those classes but also UNDERSTAND them. This will be the hardest part for me because honestly, I can't really understand everything that said by the lecturer and they love to use FOOTball game as examples which

Most of the lecturers had some trouble in calling my name. 'Yih' is still fine but that 'wen' is abit tricky for them. Most of them pronounce it as 'when' but it is NOT. Name is very important for me and I feel funny when people calling me as 'EeWhen'. =.=

Another problem that I'm facing now is BOOKS!!!
Oh GOD!! Why are those BOOKS so expensive?!?!
100 usd for a book??
yea yea.. you did not read it wrongly.
IT IS 100 USD!!!
*convert it to malaysia ringgit and I allowed you to faint*

You know what will happen if I'm in Malaysia now?
1. ptohocpoy *i hope you understand this*
2. sharing with other friends
3. IGNORE it since lecturer won't really use it or mind it
you'll just wasting your money for most of the classes if you buy the text books.

Everything here in US are expensive if you convert to Malaysia Ringgit yet it is CHEAP if parents earn $$ here.

However, I still got something cheap here.. ^^
a pink water bottle and a notepad
Guess how much for the total!!


yea yea!! again, you did not read it wrongly.
2 usd!! I need a water bottle and I got it for only $1! ^^

That's all for today! love ya!!


*Random picture*

*please ignore my center line*

*not sure what I am doing that time*


*siao po*

*mummy! my bag is so huge compared to my face*

*somewhere in my campus*

*I have no idea why I posed that*

*all RED?!?!*


Orientation 2008


3rd January'08 was our orientation day.. Our orientation day had divided into 2 days continuously..
Well, I had finally done almost all those important stuff, such as my ID and bank account, finally I don't have to carry "those" things.. hehe..

First day of Orientation:

This was the day I finished "those" stuff and we had our free lunch pack.. which was - SANDWICHES

haiz........ roti again.........................
By the way, that pack of lunch included some chips which I love so much~~~ ^^

Then, all of us joined the American Family ______
please help me to fill in the blanks.. >.<> According to the host, this will be the best opportunity for us to understand more in American's culture and also get to know them more..
The only thing I hope for is - gimme a NICE family please~~~~~~

After all those boring presentation, we went to Meijer by FREE bus.. ^^ so nice right?? but we only get to buy some groceries..

2nd day of Orientation:

Had our free breakfast at Bernhard Centre and also met one of our Advisor..
HAIZ.... but the advising part did not went well..
We can't enroll Physics class, can't get into Biology class and some of the classes only enough for me...... grrrrr.....

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! I want to take BIOLOGY class!!!!!!

We got lost on the way to Everett Hall for Physics enrollment but luckily there was a VERY NICE Americans that willing to help us up!!

Anyway, after that we had our dinner - 'Soup Buffet' in a Church with the American Family ______
(as above)
We had great time there and we got to know some new friends such as from China, Switzerland and also local..

In some part of the dinner, we spoke most in mandarin yet not MALAYSIA slang of mandarin..
Because of two twin brothers and a girl, all from China..

After the buffet, well actually I'm not full......... SOUP??!?!??!
how to feel full????
but they all taste really good.. ^^

We went to "Kalamazoo 10" for FREE movie.. hehe...
if that movie is not free, it will costs us $4 each..
I watched "National Treasure" since I watched "I am Legend" with Jas and SiewLi before..
still remember that we scared ourselves loads...... =.="

Anyway, I enjoy both 2 days of Orientation and Sorry for the troubles I caused.. ^^


*Our LUNCH?!!?!*

*Owww.. I love this Mickey mp3!!!*


*Okay.. I looks like Indian*

*2nd day - Lunch*

*Kalamazoo 10 for Movie*

*See his head??? he got another blue one.. hahah..*

*Yeng wor~~*


*Hubby!! Smile laaaa!!*



Again.. another post all about in SNOW~~

Okay, we went out for lunch at Campus Kitchen by WALKING..
Just imagine how cold will it be for us to walk in the SNOW..
We almost fall down for few times on the way to the restaurant..

Campus Kitchen : It's basically a restaurant that with loads of Asian food..
but trust me.... It's HUGE yet it's not that good... >.< I prefer my MUM's cooking!!!

JiaJun and SuanLoong came to meet us up in the restaurant and thanks to JiaJun, we were able to have some walk in the campus..
Our campus is REALLY gigantic with loads of buildings!!

But honestly, the journey was crazy.. it is freezing cold and we were walking at outside.. =.="


*Outside my apartment*

*Outside my apartment*

*Can you imagine the snow??*

*On the way to Campus Kitchen*

*In the restaurant*

*Thumb up for the rice but not the dishes.. >.<*

*Snow cushion?!?!*

*Do you want to sit on that?*




Nothing very special to blog in this post actually..
It's basically about Snow and have fun~~~ ^^
ENJOY the pictures!!!


*Mummy!! Singlet+Shorts*

*Meng Chun's car*


*The boys*

*Nice Pose*






*Ah Ling*


*Can you see the SNOW???*


ps: more pictures soon.... >.<*