which means...... WINTER COMING TOO??

OH NOOOO~~~ *copied from banana*

I have chemistry lab today, so me and Jeong were packing our stuff and went out at around 1.00pm.. Just after I locked the door and I turned around.........

Is this the tree I saw yesterday??? It looks so different..
well, the only difference is :
most of leaves that were ON the tree yesterday were ON the floor... =.="

honestly, I'm quite excited because this is the first time I'm in FALL.. hohoho~
I've gone through winter, spring and summer.... EXCEPT
woohooo~~~ so I took some gorgeous pictures at school.. ^^

*Guang said they looks like a bunch of mushrooms*

*I think it looks like coral*

*fyi.. that girl with backpack is ah GUANG*

*I know, my glasses is TOO big yet I still love it*

*nooo.. don shoot me... I'm almost naked*

*got one ang moh laughed at me when I'm taking these pictures.. =.="*
*very funny meh?*



I decided to "clean" my cellphone after 1 year... hehe...
I've been using it to take pictures and simply leave those pictures inside the memory card without even bother to transfer and preview them in my laptop for THAT long...

so, I'm going to post some of the pictures today!!

I think some of you guys had seen these b4.. >.<

*Don't mess with AH BUNG*

*ARGH~ The "SUN" light too bright*

*I'm gonna dive.. don you dare me*

*we looks like wearing swimming goggles, rite? rite?*


*Just some random picture of our bags*

*Great Job!*


*Our first picture with pumpkin (at wal-mart)*

That's it for today~~ I shall post more next time.. ^^