Apple Picking

Apple Picking

Well, I'm here to update one of the fun events I joined!!!


It was so much fun and it was the first time I pick apples for myself.. ^^

choosing apples from trees is totally different with choosing apples from the stall..
don't ask me why.

There are 2 types of apple, one is yellow delicious and another one is *errrrr.. i dono le* RED APPLE

I personally like yellow delicious because it is way TOO delicious than the RED apple... hehehe..

So, after fooling around, take pictures, throw apples, eat those apples like a hungry baby and extremely satisfied with the HUGE bag of apples carried with my arms, we went into the apple barn for apple cider and homemade donuts!!!


OooOOoo~~ delicious *licking my lips* especially the cinnamon flavor..
I want more... T.T
gimme gimme... gimme~~

*noticed my arms?? that huge bag of apples??*

*we have only these pictures because we din bring our camera that day.. T.T


and also some pictures we took at South Heaven..
believe it or not, we spent approximately 1 hour drive tour only to BBQ there.. hohoho~~
And we thought it gonna rain when we reach there because the sky was so DARK and cloudy..
South heaven love me.. that's why NO rain for that day!! hehehe..

*I know, you might laugh.. but... I love it! ^^*

*see! the sky so dark!!!*

I'm happy.. ^.^