Tag: 16 things about ME

TAG: 16 Things about ME

hehheehhee.... paise aa.. this is my first time response to 'tag'.... I think Bobo tagged me before d rite??? hahahah... SORRY laaa... I'm the kind who lazy to blog~~~ actually.... ^^ if I ignore this tag, I think someone gonna whack me really hard...... >.<

Directions: once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with sixteen random things, facts, habits or goals about you. at the end choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. don’t forget to leave them a comment (”you’re it”) and to read your blog. you can’t tag the person who tagged you. since you can’t tag me, let me know when you’ve posted your blog, so i can see your weirdness.

On your mark, get set, go!

#1 I'm the only child of my family.. so it makes me the oldest and the youngest. Since I'm the only child, the relationship between me and my mum make sense for you guys huh?! She is more like a sister than a mother for me.. hehehehe..... MUaks!! Just like what Monkee said, the bond between mummy and me is unbreakable.

#2 I used to have 2 dogs - Snowball and Summer. Snowball is the mother and Summer is the baby, well actually I should say I have 3 dogs because there was another baby but he died in his mommy's womb. T.T Snowball had an accident few months after her labor. *MORE SAD!!* So, left Summer in my family now....... I miss Snowball..................

#3 I am ANIME FREAK. I watch any kind of ANIME. ^^ Guess I'm still a child huh??? blek~~ whatever you say, I don mind.....

#4 I'm not really a HONG KONG drama fan..... because I hate drama that is TOO realistic. I became super 'pek cek' when watching those drama, which is why I LOVE ANIME~~~~~ hohohohoho.......

#5 I love to sing... =.=" a secret for you guys.. My mum loves to listen my singing... especially the song - "Poppeye the SailorMan.. PoooTPooooT" weird huh?????

#6 I'm not a shopaholic. I'll rather spend on delicious foods than buying clothes. ^^ EAT EAT EAT!!!!!!!!!! Luckily CK is the same type of human kind.... >.<

#7 I love hello kitty since I am standard 5. I have a Hello Kitty Room when I'm that age. Basically, everything in my Room is Hello Kitty, includes my pyjamas, curtain, bedsheet, clock, silppers, bags........ and almost everything you can think of. ^^

#8 I'm a huge fan of SailorMoon too but not as crazy as Hello Kitty. hehehe..... here a stupid list of my childhood.. heheheh..
SailorMoon: Wen
SailorVenus: Jeong
SailorMercury: Mun
SailorMars: Ying
SailorJupiter: errr.... seems like nobody pick this one
Tuxedo Mask: Yang
*@.@* don laugh aaaaaaaaa...

#9 I play trumpet in both my primary and high school. I know I'm very skinny but I still play very well, okay?? It's not a size matter.

#10 PLEASE DON'T KILL ME.... I'm trying very hard in gaining weight... but I JUST CAN'T!!! Sorry.......

#11 I love facial care.. hmm.. Can I say I'm good at it? I love to do research on all the facial products, err.. not the cosmetics stuff aa.. I'm NOT good at those.. hehehe.. I love skinfood mask, Kose toner, St. Ives scrub, and......... etc etc...

#12 My childhood ambition is to become a 'SIU LAI LAI' aka 少奶奶. Those who marry a rich and lengzai man, no need to work, have english tea every evening with a puppy beside you, bake cookies..... etc etc... That's the past.. I'm no more that kind of girl... so.. MUMMY!! DON't WORRY!!

#13 I don't follow the fashion trend as well, I wear whatever I feel comfortable. So, don't give any comment on I always wear the same clothes. The reason I wear that particular shirt or whatever so often is because it is very comfortable.. hahahahhaha......


#15 I have a bunch of great friends.. ^^ From primary school until now, JSPO and also non-JSPO!!! For your information, JSPO stands for Jit Sin Philharmonic Orchestra.

#16 Last but not least, my favorite color is PINK and I used to have a closet full with PINK clothes. BUT!! no more la now.... my clothes are basically in black and white laa.... so calm down ya.. ^^

~oo~ I'm so excited, first time tag people ler..... heheheh...
I tag Xuan, Joe, Jasmine, Monkee, Hui, Michelle, XinYun, SKM, Jess, CK! ^^



I wanna go New York earlier!!

I wanna go your concert!!


I need more


bluek ^^

Movie and Popcorn


here's a list of movies that I had watched for this semester.. ^^
hopefully, I did not miss anything....

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Where? Kalamazoo 10
Who? Me, Jeong, CK, Ling & Timothy
Rate: 3.8/5
Comment: Super duper cute!! *Chanel No. 5*

Madagascar 2

Where? RAVE
Who? Me, Jeong, CK, Kenneth, Jones, JiaJun, KaWai & TingTing
Rate: 3.5/5
Comment: I din watch '1', so I'm not really into it. But I still love the young baby lion!

Transporter 3

Where? RAVE
Who? Me, Jeong, CK, Kenneth, JiaJun, KaWai & TingTing
Rate: 4/5
Comment: One-word! YENG!!!!!! but a-bit over exaggerate.


Where? RAVE
Who? Me, Jeong, CK, Kenneth, JiaJun & Jones
Rate: 5/5 *^^*
Comment: Super cute and touching! Oohh yaa, we watched 3-D version, expensive but worthy!

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Where? Celebrity Cinema
Who? Me, Jeong, CK, Kenneth, JiaJun, Jones, KaWai & TingTing
Rate: 3.8/5
Comment: Keanu Reeves is more that the word 'yeng'! This is the second version of the movie because TingTing found out there was another 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' at 1951! wow!! HUMANS!! remember this: "The Earth dies, you die. You die, the Earth survives."

1951 version:

No Country For Old Man

Where? 1514 Lafayatte A-18-living room
Who? Me, Jeong, Ck & Kenneth
Rate: =.=" I seriously dono.......
Comment: Ordinary people do not understand the standard of most Academy Award Winning Movie.

One of the conversion while we were watching this movie:-

CK: I go toilet aa.. tell me what happen next okay? BunBun: Sure.. go laa go laa.. CK: So, what happened? *just came out from the bathroom, walking toward us* BunBun: Errr... I'm not very sure because the movie ended....... =.=" * we don't even aware that the movie had ended *

Scary dreams

Scary dreams

I love dreaming, every kind of dreaming, day dreaming, night dreaming even afternoon and evening dreaming if you want me to list them out. *lame*

So, I had a dream. A BAD DREAM. A dream that freaks me out so much. I mean it.

The dream is about death and what makes it more scary is the part where the death occur on someone I love and care so much -
my dearest mother

"I sent my mum to a hospital and one of the doctor told me that my mum need a surgery but my mum never wake up from anesthesia. I was holding my mum's hand and I did not cry. But suddenly, her hand became strengthless and fall out from my hand.
*Please imagine what you watched in those movies and dramas, it was exactly the same scene. Thank you. Same applies below.*

My tears flushed out and I was bawling so loud that I think everyone in the hospital could hear me.

I am so scare, so scare that my mum is going to leave me and I started to TELL EVERYONE after I woke up because rumors said that telling other peoples about your dream will prevent it from becoming true, so that was exactly what I did. ^^

so the other night, I skype my mum and I told her this dream.


my mum told me that she had a dream too. Wondering what was about in her dream? Give it a good guess my friend.

My mum dreamt that I was drowning in a pool but my body was unfound.


speechless huh?

according to my mum, we had the same death dream because we miss each other too much....

logic or not? decide it yourself.. >.<

~the end~

Midnite Bung

Midnight Bung

My ASUS babe's clock is currently showing 12am and I am


eating egg!!!


I'm the weird girl

*i hungry maaaa... >.<*