Scary dreams

Scary dreams

I love dreaming, every kind of dreaming, day dreaming, night dreaming even afternoon and evening dreaming if you want me to list them out. *lame*

So, I had a dream. A BAD DREAM. A dream that freaks me out so much. I mean it.

The dream is about death and what makes it more scary is the part where the death occur on someone I love and care so much -
my dearest mother

"I sent my mum to a hospital and one of the doctor told me that my mum need a surgery but my mum never wake up from anesthesia. I was holding my mum's hand and I did not cry. But suddenly, her hand became strengthless and fall out from my hand.
*Please imagine what you watched in those movies and dramas, it was exactly the same scene. Thank you. Same applies below.*

My tears flushed out and I was bawling so loud that I think everyone in the hospital could hear me.

I am so scare, so scare that my mum is going to leave me and I started to TELL EVERYONE after I woke up because rumors said that telling other peoples about your dream will prevent it from becoming true, so that was exactly what I did. ^^

so the other night, I skype my mum and I told her this dream.


my mum told me that she had a dream too. Wondering what was about in her dream? Give it a good guess my friend.

My mum dreamt that I was drowning in a pool but my body was unfound.


speechless huh?

according to my mum, we had the same death dream because we miss each other too much....

logic or not? decide it yourself.. >.<

~the end~