Movie and Popcorn


here's a list of movies that I had watched for this semester.. ^^
hopefully, I did not miss anything....

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Where? Kalamazoo 10
Who? Me, Jeong, CK, Ling & Timothy
Rate: 3.8/5
Comment: Super duper cute!! *Chanel No. 5*

Madagascar 2

Where? RAVE
Who? Me, Jeong, CK, Kenneth, Jones, JiaJun, KaWai & TingTing
Rate: 3.5/5
Comment: I din watch '1', so I'm not really into it. But I still love the young baby lion!

Transporter 3

Where? RAVE
Who? Me, Jeong, CK, Kenneth, JiaJun, KaWai & TingTing
Rate: 4/5
Comment: One-word! YENG!!!!!! but a-bit over exaggerate.


Where? RAVE
Who? Me, Jeong, CK, Kenneth, JiaJun & Jones
Rate: 5/5 *^^*
Comment: Super cute and touching! Oohh yaa, we watched 3-D version, expensive but worthy!

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Where? Celebrity Cinema
Who? Me, Jeong, CK, Kenneth, JiaJun, Jones, KaWai & TingTing
Rate: 3.8/5
Comment: Keanu Reeves is more that the word 'yeng'! This is the second version of the movie because TingTing found out there was another 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' at 1951! wow!! HUMANS!! remember this: "The Earth dies, you die. You die, the Earth survives."

1951 version:

No Country For Old Man

Where? 1514 Lafayatte A-18-living room
Who? Me, Jeong, Ck & Kenneth
Rate: =.=" I seriously dono.......
Comment: Ordinary people do not understand the standard of most Academy Award Winning Movie.

One of the conversion while we were watching this movie:-

CK: I go toilet aa.. tell me what happen next okay? BunBun: Sure.. go laa go laa.. CK: So, what happened? *just came out from the bathroom, walking toward us* BunBun: Errr... I'm not very sure because the movie ended....... =.=" * we don't even aware that the movie had ended *