Good Day

I'm Happy with my current life, well it might not be my "life", it should more precisely be my current vacation.

Wake up at 9.30am
Either follow my mum to her office -or-
Stay at home online -or-
Hang out with Honey Lyn -or-
I don't know, I have no plan, I do whatever makes me feel happy!


I know I know..
This is definitely not a good life style but I'm on my Holiday, and mummy says OKAY!

oh by the way, I just came back from Neway!
K session with Guang, Wei, Jones and Bega was FUN!

That's what I have for now, how about yours?

-with loves-


bobostephanie said...

You need to update your blog!

Yvonne said...

I will I will! I just got back from Taiwan.. hehe..